The bubble bath

A lot of attention is required when supervising a young child in the bath!

Everyone seated!

Even if a spider is in touring visit in the canoe, we stay seated!

To each his/her lifejacket!

Lifejackets are not meant to be only pretty but mainly need to be the good size.

Crac, crac… CRAC!

Going on a icy lake may be very risky!

A pool not private enough!

When the pool fence is safely closed, it’s OK!

And… splash in the water!

We can see the ducks on the lake, but we should watch carefully the spot where we dive!

A very unpredictable river!

Yes! Even a river which seems calm may reserve very bad surprises!


This is the funniest quiz to test your knowledge about the aquatic security rules. Will you pick out the good answers?

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